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Menik-Menigyan`s Adventures

Простая, но увлекательная игра.

3 levels. Use the arrow keys to move. The goal is to collect the berrys, flowers, treasures and to reach the flag.

download Menik-Menigyan`s Adventures (1,4 mb .zip)


Funny Clown 1.0

Очень простая игра.

This is full version Funny Clown 1.0 for Windows.

download Funny Clown 1.0 (3,7 mb .zip)


The source code of Funny Clown 1.0

Это исходный код.

Provided "as is". Freeware. Required Python2.4 or newest, Pygame 1.7.1 or +.

download source code of Funny Clown 1.0 (1mb ZIP)

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